GoSeeLeave walks in Venice reading the Invisible Cities, by Italo Calvino.
Production: Maria Kritsiligkou
Camera: Maria Kritsiligkou
Editing: Chris Tsounis
Sound Mix: Alexandros Ragoussis || Piranha Studio
Voice Over: Yorgos Pirpassopoulos



In Esmeralda, city of water, a network of canals and a network of streets span and intersect each other.

To go from one place to another you have always the choice between land and boat:

and since the shortest distance between two points in Esmeralda is not a straight line but a zigzag that ramifies in tortuous optional routes, the ways that open to each passerby are never two, but many, and they increase further for those who alternate a stretch by boat with one on dry land.

Invisible Cities, Italo Calvino