In the Labyrinths of the Treasury

The film “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”, out in 1989 and most of the film’s climactic scenes, have been set on the labyrinths of the Treasury in Harrison Ford’s and Sean Connery’s pursue of the Holy Grail.

In reality, the Treasury is nothing more than a facade with a relatively small hall once used as a royal tomb.Nonetheless, we all know that history and archaeological facts most of the time bow to Hollywood fiction!
The¬†heroes¬†found themselves in the 75 meters high “Canyon of the Crescent Moon”, one of the numerous preserved in Petra that leads to the stunning “Treasury”.

Petra, is a 3h drive from the capital of Jordan, Amman. A city inhabited since prehistoric times by an advanced society called “The Nabateans”. Once upon a time a nomadic tribe, the Nabateans turned the knowledge of the desert into a caravan city between the Red and the Dead Sea. This stone city has always been a very important crossroad between Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Syria. Just think that the first human traces around 312 B.C. and one more think, 85% of this city is still beneath the surface, unexplored, untouched. Pure Mystery!

Eastern ancient traditions mixing with Hellenistic architecture applied in magnificent carved tombs and structures in sepia, white, pink, red cliff faces. Around you, cinematic mountains, donkeys and camels that are actually happy.

I met Shakira and Suzanna, the loveliest donkeys climbing with natural certainty among stiff cliffs, guided by the sweetest Bedouin of Petra, Aqaba and Wadi Ram! He doesn’t allow me to reveal his name, but he will easily recognize you, if you’ve got that look in your eyes.

The Canyons! Oh! Absolutely unique and literally breathtaking!