GoSeeLeave walks in Athens and captures the elements that shape the personality of the Greek metropolis. Details of this small world, of this great world.

Production: Maria Kritsiligkou
Videography: Chris Tsounis

Voice Over: Lilly Ousa

Text: “Worthy It Is – Genesis – Odysseas Elytis

AND THE ONE I really was, the One of many centuries ago,
the One still verdant in the midst of fire, the One not made by human hand, drew with his finger the distant lines
sometimes rising sharply to a height
sometimes lower: the curves gentle
one inside the other
land masses that made me feel
the smell of earth like understanding

“To endure peace you need strength”, he said
and swinging around with palms open he sowed
mullein, crocuses, bluebells
all variety of earthy stars
and cut into one leaf of each, as a mark of their origin,
their superiority and strength:

this small world the great!