In a Nutshell

Let’s start by saying that it is not easy to write something that someone will actually thoroughly read. Not to mention, that usually what we read in travel guides, bucket lists, never ending places to see and endless things to do feel old fashioned. I really dislike Top 10 Lists before you die. The whole point is the discovery. Inside Out*

Astypalea, is an island with an inexplicable energy flowing across land, sea and sky. You see, this island has the shape of a butterfly; now let’s spend a moment


who wouldn’t fall in love with a butterfly?


A breathtaking landscape with a history dating in the very long past, back when mythology used to be the only resource of shaping knowledge around a place. Can you imagine the Prehistoric Aegean Sea as it was when  its first visitors, passengers, inhabitants set foot on the island? After, came along historic facts about this place, drawn by years of excavations and precious findings that shape the actual history of Astypalea. They say, there were times that the island was full of rich and wild plantation.

There follow the Neolithic, the Minoan, the Mycenaean, the Phoenician, the Archaic, the Classical, the Hellenistic , the Roman, the Christian, the East Roman, the Venetian, the Ottoman periods on the island. I wouldn’t get into data, drama nor facts you can track easily by reading a proper book or searching online relevant information. Astypalea, has undoubtedly a rich history and remnants of each period are visible even today, on the island.


You have to walk the whole way up to the castle, i wouldn’t want to spoil it with typical itineraries and tips that never matter once you are there! Just make it till the castle. Day and Night. Cheers!


Just rent a bike, a car and spend a whole day tripping around the island. There you will decide by yourself which is your favourite beach on the island.  You do know that greek islands have a strong character and that every single island has its very own morphology to offer. Just go out!


Go as far as any road takes you, do not stop before the fence. Keep driving. There is this beach bar in Vatses beach, that deserves the long dusty ride. Yup! Drink to that, once you’re there!


Sunset & Sunrise. Drink to those!


Consider yourself extremely lucky and never forget to feel gratitude once you get to see the Full Moon Rising from the Sea and over the Castle. Glorious, glorious nature.


People are kind and warm and long for your company.

Where you eat and what you see, depends on what you choose.

The island knows where to take you. Just go out. Just get out.