Cross Disciplinary Perspectives.

Once upon a time there were people and later upon that time they created cities and culture.

Let’s go back to the very first beginnings of anything that we would dare to call civilization.

Mesopotamia and Egypt have been the history’s earliest birds regarding town settlements, parallel life though independent pathways across the Mediterranean. Which was faster has never been proven. Men decided to settle down in the spotted locations, possess the area, cultivate the landings and live life in a typical way.

Essential stuff a man needs is water, food and shelter. A trustworthy all the year round supply of water, food and raw material for the shelter sounds like the perfect place to camp, or live, or settle down.

It is a tough challenge for a country to offer favorable conditions, all year round, in such a scale to afford the needs. Egypt and the country between the upper waters of Euphrates and Tigris rivers provided the most idyllic conditions.

After settling down, people started multiplying and discovering and wondering and wandering further and higher.

There are lands around this world, this small this great world, not that fertile, like the Arabian deserts or the north European forests. But they had to fit somehow. And they did, by developing the first nomadic way of life.

These nomads lived in absolute freedom. They owned nothing, they owned everything.

It’s good not to confuse nomadic people with the early stage of settled people. Nomadism, is a way of life, a cosmotheory tough to adopt and open to criticism.

The nomads seem barbaric to the settled, thus the settled look extra soft and cloudy to the nomads.

Complex dynamics and interesting interactions, symbiotic pleasures, you name your thing.


Curious and Furious Camel_Jordan_GoSeeLeave
Curious and Furious Camel_Jordan_GoSeeLeave
Wadi Rum Camp_Jordan_GoSeeLeave
Wadi Rum Camp_Jordan_GoSeeLeave

Books for Nomad Spirits

Nomads and the Outside World, Anatoly Khazanov.

Siddharta: Herman Hesse

Sahara Unveiled, A journey across the desert, William Langewiesche

Gupsies, Josef Koudelka